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Handcrafted Hats....and other odds and ends!



My name is Jen; I am from Colorado and have lived above 10,200 feet for 30 plus years. (Born and raised!)

From a very young age I have had my little hands in all sorts of crafts and craft supplies.  I remember when my Mom would give me a piece of yarn and a piece of plastic canvas (no needle, I could poke my eye out) and tell me to go make something. I think that she was just trying to get me out of her hair but I was hooked. 

There are many different kinds/types of crafts that I love to do, from working with plastic canvas, crocheting, cross stitch, sewing, I tried knitting once (that wasn't my cup of tea, no hook, are you kidding me!?!), beading, jewelry making, chain maille, this list could go on and on. I like to call them all "the cheapest (sometimes) therapy available."

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